The current SDR programs are developed around four transition paths, based on the applications of CCS, electrification, hydrogen, CCU and process optimization and crucial value chains that are intertwined: hydrogen and CO2, electricity and heat.


Hydrogen Delta

The ambitious Hydrogen Delta Program aims to make the industry more sustainable by phasing out gray hydrogen through clean hydrogen investments. The program also aspires to position the region as the largest hydrogen cluster in the Netherlands, Flanders and Europe.


Carbon Connect Delta

The Carbon Connect Delta Program has the ambition to capture, transport and store 6.5 Mtonnes of CO2 by 2030 by means of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). The application of CCS is also of crucial importance within the hydrogen transition path. Development of the CCS system is an essential step towards a CO2-neutral and circular industry in the region.


Spark Delta

The Spark Delta Program focuses on reducing CO2 emissions through electrification and optimization of production processes through innovative technologies. Spark Delta is committed to sufficient availability of green electricity and a robust, cost-effective electricity grid that can transport the explosive increase in supply and demand.

heat delta

Heat Delta

The Heat Delta program provides insight into the supply and demand of industrial residual heat and geothermal energy, by translating it into concrete and feasible projects. The focus is threefold: residual heat from the process industry to the built environment, residual heat couplings 'industry to industry' and the application of geothermal energy.


Circular Delta

With the Circular Delta program we offer support and accelerate the transition from primary fossil raw materials to renewable and recyclable (low-carbon) raw materials for SDR partners. The program is closely related to the other programs due to green hydrogen as a raw material, water for electrolysis, reuse of heat and the use of sustainable electricity.